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How do folks work on forming a team without disclosing potentially valuable "intellectual property" (i.e., ideas!)?

Hi fellow ARTIK Makers Against Drought!

I have a few ideas for water usage mitigation, some of which I'm working on fleshing out. I probably can sketch out all the way from the general to the detail level.

I prefer to collaborate and the most successful submissions will likely be team efforts. I was thinking of even starting an San Francisco Meetup to help find Team participants.

My ideas, however, may be the key to "winning"... in other words, I have some potentially valuable intellectual property in my head. Execution is more than half the battle, I know, but I don't want to be a fool by publicizing the ideas which may be taken by other individuals or competing teams.

How can I be a good citizen and team player? What are other's experiences and thoughts on this topic?



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    NDA draft can help u and discourage anyone who plan to steal ur idea. Although I would say u can take chance too because nobody has time or the passion which u can give to ur ideas. Moreover this is an experimental board and challenge dont worry about this stuff too much. Gud luck.

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    I run a small business, and I don't know how many people I've met who are super super protective of their ideas, but never get them off the ground. Vs.. Successful business owners who don't try to protect their idea as much, but are successful. So I agree with Navjot. There are so so many good ideas, and so so few doers who actually implement them. You are probably safe.

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    I agree. Thanks!

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    So do you guys got the selection email ? @joey and @Terry

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    Yes. I was not selected. But I'm available for other Teams...

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