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Which ARTIK modules will be available for this Challange?

Hi guys,

For this Challenge we'll need to work only with ARTIK 10 modules?

I saw that the Alpha Developer KIT available on artik.io is designed to demo just an ARTIK 10 module.
How about ARTIK 1? Is there a word from Samsung on this module's availability and when we can get a complete data-sheet ( with pinouts / connectors, GPIOs / interfaces, start-up / programming steps ) ?



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    Only the ARTIK 10 will be available for this challenge.

    We will start shipping them after the last day to register which is May 28th.

    The most thorough datasheet we have on the ARTIK 10 can be found here https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/ssic-iot/hardware/artik-10/pdf/Specification_sheet_ARTIK-10.pdf?mtime=20150512035116

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    Hi Glenn...
    Do you know if the ARTIK 10 can "emulate" the 1 or 5? I suppose it isn't critical for the scope of the Challenge, but it would be nice to be able to *claim* that one of the cheaper and lower-power usage modules is sufficient, for the purposes of presenting cost analysis of a large scale deployment.

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    ARTIK 10 is a processing beast that can accomplish any of ARTIK 1 tasks ( except battery-optimal supply, small size factor, embedded IMU module ), so we can "emulate" it...

    As Terry said, for production scope will be more feasible to design around the less smartphone-like boards, if the idea doesn't aim a centralized processing solution but creating small smart IoT devices.

    One more question: if I presented my project ARTIK 1-based when I've submitted for the Alpha Dev Kit, means that I'll not fit for receiving one? :)
    I didn't knew at that time, and I guess we can use ARTIK 10 Kit as a platform for implementing any idea we came with.


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    @Glenn keep the users who registered on your website posted about shipping and selection information. I applied around 2 weeks back for artik but still no response from your team.

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    @Navjot we are going to go through all of the applications at the end of this month. Then we will send an email saying who will get into the alpha program.


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    @Cristi we aren't giving out ARTIK 1's right now. But that will not disqualify you.

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    @Terry No, there is no true emulation or emulator. But if you don’t need all of the power the 10 has to offer you might be able to use the 1 or 5.

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Hi Glenn, checking in here again as it's been a while. Are ARTIK's available anywhere now? Do we need actual ARTIKs to participate here, or can we participate without them. Apols if this is a repeat Q but this is not clear to me.

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