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ARTIK Board Api???

Is there a SDK/simulated ARTIK board api we can code against? I just signed up at the ARTIK dev portal and don't see anything about getting a board or any actual developer information.

If there isn't an api or anymore boards, then how are developers beyond the first 150 (or however many boards were sent out) to participate in this challenge? Does Samsung have any boards set up and/or available in any of the innovation centers here in Atlanta? According to Rule 4.B.(i), the solution needs to use the board/SDK....

I just found out about this challenge. I'm an actual urban farmer so not a lot of time to keep up with online hackathons but i got several concrete, time-tested solutions that can be augmented with tech.

Awesome challenge but more info is needed.

I would also like to talk to someone about Samsung sponsoring an AgriTech Hackathon here in the South. Atlanta has a huge urban agriculture movement and our extensive agricultural heritage stretches back to Africa and Europe.


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    Hello Aton,

    Thanks for your interest. ARTIK is currently in alpha. Only the 150 selected applicants will be able to compete in the challenge. The application period closed a few weeks ago.

    If you want to be the one of the first people to get the next iteration of ARTIK you can sign up here https://www.artik.io/developer

    For the hackathon please DM us at http://twitter.com/samsungiot and we will get your info to the right people at Samsung.

    Best regards,
    Glenn Cameron

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    It seems reasonable to me to limit the number of participants, especially if resources are constrained (ARTIK boards). An application period / deadline for entry PLUS a review of proposals submitted on time, is customary.

    The OP, however, could use ChallengePost to team up with someone who is accepted...

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    Got it. Was looking for hard confirmation that only 150 would be selected. Wasnt quite clear in all the language. Thanks for your time!!

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