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Need a Deadline Extension

I am facing problems using my ARTIK 10 board, (Errors while uploading, Bluetooth connection issues). As there is a limited information available on the web, It's quite difficult to troubleshoot. Since the boards were delivered very late here to the participants in India.We got least time as compared to the participants around the world. We will really appreciate, If the deadline could be extended a little.


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    I am in support of the the same argument. Some deliveries took as late as Jan end to Feb 1st week. I am also waiting for the delivery of a sensor I ordered to go with my application, it will help me in implementing the solution as I imagined it.

  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hello Shivam,

    Please contact the technical team to help troubleshoot the issue if you haven't already done so.

    Unfortunately, we will not be extending the April 1st deadline, however we will take into consideration submission from candidates who got their ARTIK Development Kit late due to customs delay.

    Please ensure to submit your application on or before the deadline.


  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hello Chidi,
    I understand what you are saying, I got my artik in second week of December due to customs delay. Now I am waiting on the shipment of couple of sensors to go with my final demo, can I submit around 7th of april because the sensors will be going to delivered around 5-6th of April. unfortunately the sensors also got stuck in Indian customs.

    Please do let me know ASAP.

  •   •   almost 8 years ago

    Hello Chidi,
    My kit was not delayed due to customs. It was lost due to a natural disaster (Floods) in India (You can confirm this from Glenn Cameron). The kit was sent again from U.S to India. I got my kit in the mid of Jan. We got almost half the time to build our prototype. We really want to participate in the contest. We'll really appreciate if you could extend the deadline by a week.

  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago

    Navjot and Shivam,

    Regrettably, the deadline cannot be extended. I would suggest you submit the best build/work that you can by April 1. The project does not need to be final to be considered as a finalist.

    The judging period will consist of two phases: 1) the selection of finalists from the eligible submissions during the judging period, and (2) the selection of the grand prize winner from the finalists, based on in-person or virtual presentations given by finalists during the finalist judging period. Prior to the finalist judging period, finalists will continue working on solutions entered in the challenge during the finalist building period.

    Please see the official rules - http://artik.devpost.com/rules for more details about the challenge and the judging criteria.

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