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Address to Send Our Extra Fabricated Hardware to you for testing :)

Dear ARTIK team,

we have fabricated two small boards that are emulating lot of inputs so that the application can be tested in reality ... please send us the address to ship this for you

either here to my mail

best regards

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  • Manager   •   almost 8 years ago


    Thanks for submitting your project. To be fair to everyone, we would judge all submissions based on the judging criteria and rules of the challenge.

    If your project is being considered for a prize, we may request to see the functionality as indicated in the rules excerpt below

    "(iv) Testing: The Poster reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to require access to the Solution for testing and validation purposes. Access for testing is not required at the time of submission. However, a Maker whose Solution is considered for a Prize may be required to demonstrate the functionality of their Solution either in-person or via a remote demonstration session prior to the announcement of the Finalist and Honorable Mention Awards and again prior to the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner, if the Maker’s Solution is a Finalist. NOTE: Makers will be required to upload a file including the source code for the Solution as part of the Submission."

    Good luck,

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